Prefer Using bind Over Using get

When calling the get method, you receive the current state of the data for your widget. The current state might not contain the data you are trying to use and you'll receive an error. When using the bind method, your code is called with the data from the widget when it's available, and after every change. Don't forget the behavior for bind — each time you get the "newValue", not just the changes. Thus, the bind method is preferable, making sure your data stays fresh and comprehensive. The only exception is the chat lines — where each time the callback is called with the new lines only.

If you only wish to receive the data once, you can call unbind after receiving the initial data.

Be Specific

When calling bind (or get), it's better to prefer specific child paths rather than generic parent paths (such as "SDE" or "authenticatedData"). The reason is that these parent objects are pseudo objects that we create by combining all the child elements — so if you call bind on "SDE", behind the scenes we're binding to every single "SDE" individually and that is less performant.


My widget doesn’t load

Possible Cause Resolution
Firewall is blocking the domain of the custom widget Whitelist the custom widget domain
Firewall is blocking where the SDK file is hosted Whitelist
Need to login to external environment to load widget Login to external environment (and add the link to the login page as the fallback)
Error in custom widget code Check console/log for errors and follow-up accordingly

My widget doesn’t get the data

Possible Cause Resolution
No call to lpTag.agentSDK.init({}); in the widget code You should add it at the beginning of the widget. The SDK won’t work without it
The data doesn’t exist If it doesn’t appear in the visit info widget — the data doesn’t exist
Using “get” instead of “bind” We always recommend using “bind” as “get” might run before the data is available
Error in custom widget code Check console/log for errors and follow-up accordingly

Error logs

Error initializing communication/Error creating instance of courier -

The widget failed to communicate with LE. Perhaps there are network issues. This is a very rare error message.

Error calling "get/bind/unbind/command" on the following key:

There was a technical problem when trying to call get/bind/unbind (probably network, not related to the actual key). This is a very rare error message.

No channel defined when calling "get/bind/unbind/command". Maybe you are missing a call to "init"?

No key/cmdName provided when calling "get/bind/unbind/command" -

The custom widget code called one of the SDK functions without specifying what action to perform. The creator of the widget needs to fix the code so it calls with a key/cmdName.

Callback provided for {X} encountered an error -

The callback provided by the custom widget for {X} has a bug. The creator of the widget needs to fix their bug.