Please note that Quick Replies are only supported on iOS 15.1 and above.

The Quick Reply message provides a way to receive consumer input to a question/statement by a set of buttons that each contain a title text and/or emojis.

Quick Replies for Apple Messages for Business includes a set of up to 5 buttons that can each contain a text title and a publish text click action.

Below is an image of a Quick Reply template with two quick replies:

JSON Template Properties

Property Name Description Type Required
type Types of basic elements supported by Structured Content framework. Will always be set to "quickReplies" Enum Y
itemsPerRow The number of items that will be set on each row. This property is ignored, since Apple Messages for Business uses a fixed number of rows Integer Y
replies Array of quick replies sent to the consumer Y
button Buttons contain the title of each quick reply Object Y

Code Example