This integration will allow you to see and create your Zendesk Contact tickets right from within LiveEngage. It will also record all LiveEngage transcripts in Zendesk so all your customer interactions are in one place.


Brands that use LiveEngage for sales and support can offer a more personalized, informed experience with access to Zendesk, by giving agents a full overview of the account, including previous or existing cases, opportunities and even potential leads. Through the LiveEngage Zendesk integration, agents can utilize the workspace to conduct all conversations with customers, and get instant access to pertinent information without having to open a separate browser window to manually check the Zendesk record. Agents can also search through records using the field from pre-chat surveys and/or through the widget.

Furthermore, agents have the ability to easily create records in Zendesk as part of the conversation (leads, opportunities, accounts, cases) and store the conversation transcript and additional info in the CRM after the engagement.