This method receives an engagement ID and returns the engagement information if it exists on the page, or an empty object if it does not.




Name Description
engagementId The ID of the engagement to get information about.


    if(lpTag && lpTag.taglets && lpTag.taglets.rendererStub){
       var info =

Return value

The method returns a JSON with the engagement information.


  "engagementName":"Engagement 1",

Elements in the response

Name Description Type / Value
campaignId The engagement’s campaign ID. ALPHA_NUMERIC
confKey Internal. CampaignId + EngagementId + Revision. string
contextId The engagement context ID (engagement impression ID) in the current monitored session. ALPHA_NUMERIC
contexts The engagement and page context ID (impression ID) in the current monitored session.
{"EngagementContext":{"id": "1"}},
array of Objects
conversationType An enum representing the conversation type to be initiated (0 — Chat, 1 — Messaging). numeric
engagementId The engagement ID. ALPHA_NUMERIC
engagementName The engagement name. string
engagementRevision The engagement revision. numeric
engagementType The engagement format. Available values: 0: "Peeling corner", 1: "Overlay", 2: "Toaster", 3: "Slide-out", 5: "Embedded", 6: "Sticky" numeric
instantiated Internal. Boolean
renderingType Internal. numeric
state The engagement state (defined by the availability of agents within the skill group)*. Available values: 1 — online, 2 — offline numeric
tglName Internal. The engagement format description. string
zoneId Internal. The engagement zone ID. ALPHA_NUMERIC