Users tasked with creating bots in Conversation Builder can easily integrate Functions within their dialogue flows. Adding this kind of interaction to a dialogue in a bot works just like adding any other type of integration interaction.

The bot can pass event metadata into the function as part of the invocation. This event payload is specific to the triggered bot interaction. Depending on the interaction, the function will have different data available as an input.


You must have a user account for the Conversational Cloud and Conversation Builder platforms. If that's not the case, reach out to your account manager (other contact options: chat with us on this page, or message Support) to create one.

Step 1 — Create a new Function

Create a new function without event. There aren't templates for this integration since this is a customizable bot where every payload will be unique to each use case.

Step 2 — Edit the Function

Edit and configure your function with the custom logic that you need for your use cases. See below for an example. Please see our Deep Dive UI Creation Process section or alternatively Deep Dive CLI Create section for further information.

Step 3 — Deploy the Function

Like any other function, this function must be deployed before it can be used. Please see our Deep Dive UI Deployment Process section or alternatively Deep Dive CLI Deploy section for more information on how to deploy your function.

Step 4 — Configure the integration in Conversation Builder

Please follow this step by step guide for configuring you custom integration.


The following example function takes item and price from the input object, and, based on the value of its price, it decides which sentence to send back to the bot. This sentence is subsequently displayed in the conversation.

function lambda(input, callback) {
    const price = input.payload.price;
    const item = input.payload.item;

    const tooMuch = price + "$ is way too much for a " + item + "!"
    const tooLittle = price + "$ is for a " + item + "? Nice deal!"

    if( price > 100) {
      callback(null, tooMuch);

    callback(null, tooLittle);