What is Dynamic Routing

Conversation Orchestrator’s Dynamic Routing provides a centralized experience to create dynamic policies to achieve routing to the best human agent, skill, or bot. Routing policies are based on intent and/or context attributes such as consumer profile data, operational context (load, predicted wait times, KPIs), and conversation history.

Below are some examples of policies you can create:

  • When a brand suffers an exceptional event (storm, incident), route to a bot for intents related to the outage. For all other intents (e.g. billing) route to a human agent pool
  • Route a group of intents (e.g. order enquiry, cancellation, scheduling) to a general order skill unless the customer is a VIP, then send them to their Dedicated Advisor
  • For lost baggage intent, return to the same agent if the customer is returning within a given time period; for VIP customers, route to high priority skill

To learn more about policies and how to create/manage them, see Intent & Context Policies.