All Conversation Builder bots are based on templates.

The Custom Bot template is the best choice if you want to create a completely custom bot from scratch.

For other, more common use cases, Conversation Builder has a set of predefined, industry vertical templates that enable rapid adoption of automation. Each conversational template consists of the following capabilities:

  • Intents associated with the use case

  • Conversational dialogs with appropriate interactions for the respective channels or end points (Web, Apple Business Chat, SMS, etc.)

  • API integrations with industry-leading services (e.g., Shopify in Retail) and brand-specific services

Template use cases

The following use cases will be provided for multiple different industry verticals.

Template Capabilities Integrations
Simple Router Welcome message with choices to route to bots or agents. Route to Bots, Agents
Simple FAQ Offer detailed responses for frequently asked questions via a knowledge base of questions and answers. Knowledge Base
Simple Lead Generation Capture lead’s basic contact info. Sends the captured information to email. Email
Full Lead Generation Capture lead’s contact info, interest in product/service and related details. Sends the captured info to email or SMS. Email, Twilio number
Apply for a Loan Capture contact and financial information from a customer and send the results Email, Agents
Insurance Quote Capture information related to insurance needs from a customer and send the results Email, Agents
Travel Notification The Travel Notifications template allows an authenticated user to report their future travel  
Order Status Shoppers can check the status of their orders with authentication via order number and name, etc. Shopify

Create a bot from a template

  1. From the dashboard that lists your bots, click New Bot in the upper-right corner.

  2. Select the template.

  3. Review what the template includes (dialogs, intents/entities, integrations, etc.), and click Create Bot.

  4. Configure the parts that need to be customized (API integration details, brand voice in dialog interactions, etc.).