To help you get started, every Conversation Builder bot that you create is based on a bot template. There are two general types of bot templates:

  • Custom
  • Industry-specific

Custom bot templates

Use a Custom bot template when you want to create a bot from scratch.

The Choose a Bot Template window, which shows the two custom types: custom and survey

There are two templates available:

  • Custom Bot: Use this template to create a bot from scratch that accomplishes a business function, such as fetching a consumer’s order status or creating an account for the consumer. When you create a bot based on this template, the bot is configured minimally. For example, it includes just a Welcome dialog and a Fallback dialog.
  • Survey Bot: Use this template to create a post-conversation survey bot from scratch. Here again, the bot is configured minimally. These bots include special interactions and functionality designed to support a post-conversation survey experience. For example, you can include predefined interactions for capturing standard survey metrics like Customer Satisfication (CSAT) and Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Industry-specific bot templates

To support common use cases, Conversation Builder offers a set of predefined, industry-specific bot templates, and bot templates for general use cases like routing or FAQs. These enable rapid adoption of automation. Each template can contain:

  • The intents associated with the use case
  • The conversational dialogs with appropriate interactions for the respective channels or end points (Web, Apple Messages for Business, SMS, etc.)
  • The API integrations with industry-leading services (e.g., Shopify in Retail) and brand-specific services

Create a bot from an industry-specific template

  1. From the dashboard that lists your bots, click New Bot in the upper-right corner.
  2. Select the bot template.
  3. Review the template’s description, and click Create Bot.

    The Choose a Bot Template window, which shows the list of industry-specific templates, one with the Create Bot button displayed

  4. Configure the parts that need to be customized: API integration details, brand voice in dialog interactions, etc.