Please note that this API relates to LivePersons legacy chat product which receives limited support and will be deprecated in the future.

It is recommended to build future integrations on top of LivePersons Messaging Window API instead.

An “API-based” engagement window must be configured in Conversational Cloud.

  • On a monitored flow Attach the API-based window to the relevant web engagement/campaign.

  • On an unmonitored flow Attach the API-based window to the relevant external engagement.

On create campaign flow and after setting up the Engagement you will need to choose or create a window.

Step 1 — Create an API-based window

In the window gallery page click the top right “Action” dropdown menu and select “Add API-based window”.


Step 2 — initialization settings

Fill in the necessary properties:


Mandatory fields

  • Name: the window name

  • JS method name: the Javascript method name, under which your API-based window code is located on your web page, which will be triggered by the Web Tag to initiate the window.

Note: These fileds are only mandatory for the JavaScript Chat SDK and monitored flows using the LPTag.

Optional fields

  • JS context: the Javascript context where the jsMethodName is located. Default value: “window”

Read more about Javascript’s context.

Step 3 — confirmation

Save your settings and choose the API-based window you have just created.