Use this page to help you troubleshoot common issues when working with interactions in LivePerson Conversation Builder.

Messages are delivered out of order

Messages sometimes can be delivered out of order because, behind the scenes, the system processes them using a rolling, two-second loop. When multiple messages are added to the queue within a single, two-second interval, there’s no guarantee of the order in which those messages are sent. To help to ensure a consistent message order, you can set an interaction delay in the interaction's settings.

Long messages are broken into smaller ones

A single text interaction has a limit of 1000 characters on the word boundary before it gets split into 2 parts. This means that large blocks of text that exceed the limit are broken into smaller messages. However, if desired, you can control exactly where the break occurs using a special tag. For more information, see the section on formatting text in interactions. Alternatively, you can override the behavior so that all text is within a single message using the setAllowMaxTextResponse function.