Please note that this API relates to LivePersons legacy chat product which receives limited support and will be deprecated in the future.

It is recommended to build future integrations on top of LivePersons Messaging Platform SDK instead.

This method retrieves information regarding the current status of the chat. The information section includes the agent's state, agent's name, start time of the chat, last update, visitor's ID, agent typing, visitor typing, and the visitor's name.


Method URL
GET https://{domain}/api/account/{accountId}/agentSession/{agentSessionId}/chat/{chatId}/info?v=1&NC=true

Request Headers

Header Description
Authorization Bearer {bearer-from-login}
Content-Type application/json
Accept application/json


The body media type must have one of the following formats:

  • XML
  • JSON


Elements in the response

Name Description Type Notes
visitor-name The name that was set by the visitor. link relationship  
visitor-typing Visitor's typing status. link relationship  
agent-typing Agent's typing status. link relationship  
state The state of the chat session. string Valid values: "waiting", "chatting", "ended"
chatSessionKey The current chat session key. string  
agentName The name of the agent that is currently chatting with the visitor. alphanumeric  
agentId The ID number of the agent that is chatting with the visitor. numeric  
startTime The time the chat started. time  
lastUpdate The last time that any request was sent to the chat session. time  
chatTimeout The time in seconds from the last update time, after which the chat times out and must be updated again before this timeout. numeric  
visitorId The ID number of the visitor that is chatting with the agent. numeric  
agentTyping Indicates if the agent is currently typing a message. string Valid values: "typing", "not-typing"
visitorTyping Indicates if the visitor is currently typing a message. string Valid values: "typing", "not-typing"
visitorName The name of the visitor that is chatting with the agent. alphanumeric Default value: visitor.
rtSessionId The identifier of this session which is shared across other APIs. numeric This identifier can be used to correlate the session through the various API types. This identifier can also be retrieved in Operator Alerts using the macro {LPINFO!rt-session-id}. In order to make it unique, concatenate the account id to this value.
participantId The identifier of the authenticated consumer. GUID Optional. This identifier is only present when the consumer has started a chat VIA SSO.

Response Codes

Code Response
200 OK