Audio Messaging allows consumers to send audio messages to agents.

  1. Contact your Account Team to activate the feature on the LivePerson server side.

  2. Open the Info.plist and add the required permission to access the microphone.

    • Key: NSMicrophoneUsageDescription

    • Value: "Microphone Privacy Setting for Conversational Cloud Mobile App Messaging SDK for iOS"

    When the system prompts the user to approve access to the microphone, it displays as part of the alert.

  3. Enable the feature:


    By default, the value is false (disabled).

  4. Define the max length of an audio message:


    The values are in seconds.

    The minimum value is 15 seconds; the maximum and the default value is 120 seconds.

  5. Define the max number of audio messages saved on the device:


    The default value is 20.

  6. Modify and localize the following strings:

    • Short tap tooltip

      Presented when the consumer used a shorttap instead of a long tap.

      Key: toolTipLongTapToRecord

      The default text is "Long tap to record."

    • Release microphone tooltip

      Presented when the consumer doesn't release the microphone icon.

      Key: toolTipReleaseButtonForRecording

      The default text is "Release for recording."

    • Maximum length reached tooltip

      Presented when the message length reached to the maximum length.

      Key: toolTipRecordLimitReached

      The default text is "Recording limit has been reached, click to send."