Brands have the ability to configure multiple Consumer Identity Providers (know as - Authentication Server). SDK now supports consumer authentication based upon different brand identities information provided by the host application.

Supported versions

  • v5.14.0 and higher

How to enable

  • Account setup: Please reach out to LivePerson representative (other contact options: chat with us on this page, or message Support) to get it activated and configured.


  • To authenticate consumers by given identity provider (not default provider), make sure to call setIssuerDisplayName("issuer display name").

Code Samples

LPAuthenticationParams lpAuthenticationParams = new LPAuthenticationParams(LPAuthenticationType.AUTH);
lpAuthenticationParams.setIssuerDisplayName("issuer display name");

// Presenting the conversation window. During open conversation and based on the value of mIssuerDisplayName, SDK will filter authenticated identity accordingly and perform authentication.
LivePerson.showConversation(activity, lpAuthenticationParams, conversationViewParams);