This document describes the CSAT behavior and configurations in the Messaging SDK. You can find all the related configurations in the resources ID table, under Survey Screen.

Show CSAT flow

Show if:

  • CSAT configured to appear according to:
<bool name="show_feedback">
  • Conversation has an assigned agent.
  • Conversation’s CSAT wasn’t previously submitted.

Dismiss CSAT

The CSAT view is dismissed in one of four cases:

  • User pressed the submit button (answers are sent to the survey).
  • User choose to skip the CSAT (skipped button is pressed).
  • The CSAT is automatically dismissed if it was filled in any other device.
  • If agent resumed the conversation while csat is visible - it will automatically dismissed.

CSAT UI content

CSAT screen includes several content containers:

agentView (avatar and agent name)

  • Could be hidden or not according to:
<bool name="show_agent_details_csat">
  • Contains agent avatar:
    • If conversation has assigned agent and its image was downloaded previously using profileUrl, this image will be presented in the view.
    • If no image available, default avatar is presented. Its background and tint color is according to the agent bubble with lp_messaging_ui_ic_agent_avatar and agent_avatar_background_color.

More info in Configuring the SDK.

  • Contains agent name:
    • By default it’s an empty label.
    • If conversation has assigned agent, the agent’s nickName will be used.

ratingQuestionView (stars)

  • Always visible - can’t configure its visibility.
  • Stars color is defined by:
<color name="feedback_fragment_star">
  • Rating question includes Agent by default in the text. If conversation has assigned agent and the agent’s nickName is not empty, this nickName will be used instead.

resolutionConfirmationView (yes/no)

  • Could be hidden or not according to:
<bool name="show_yes_no_question">
If both agentView (show_agent_details_csat) and resolutionConfirmationView (how_yes_no_question) are shown, resolutionConfirmationView will be always hidden (even if set to true).
  • The question text color is defined with:
<color name="feedback_fragment_title_yesno">

All the configuration related to Yes/No buttons is explained in the Survey Screen resources table and starting with the prefix: feedback_fragment_yesno_btn_.