Our Data APIs enable you to retrieve many attributes and information types. Please refer to API Data Metrics for the different types of information and attributes which are retrievable via both our Historical and Real Time Data APIs.

The Messaging Operations API extracts data according to the search query. The API allows agent managers to extract information about their call center on the account, skill, and agent level. The data includes closed conversations and their associated attributes, such as customer satisfaction, average conversation length, resolved status and so on.

This API is based on the REST architecture style, which allows clients to send HTTP requests to view Conversational Cloud operational data. This API supports the HTTP GET functionality (data retrieval), and all data is returned in JSON format.

Getting Started

A few things you'll need to get started with this API:

  1. Retrieve your domain. Use the LivePerson Domain API to retrieve this information by providing either of the following service names:

    • leDataReporting (this domain is used for all methods except Estimated Wait Time)

    • msgEwtAPI (this domain is used for the Estimated Wait Time method only)

  2. This API requires authorization using API key.

  3. Note the API terms of use.

Use Cases

  • Combine this information with other data sources to create your own real-time dashboard

  • Analyze your contact center performance

LE dashboard that use the API: