Get one Category by id



HTTP Methods


Response Codes

200 OK

304 Not Modified

400 Bad Request

401 Not Authorized

404 Data not found

500 Internal server error



Path Parameters

Parameter Description Notes
accountId LP site id Validation fail error code: 400 Type: String
categoryId Account Config object’s unique id. Type: Positive long number greater than zero

Query Parameters

Parameter Description Notes
select dynamic selection of response fields Default: $all alias: id,deleted,name,order,proposed Available aliases: $all: id,deleted,name,order,proposed $summary: id,deleted,name type: YOGA 'gdata' dialect validation error: 400 supported fields: any in response body **yoga GData dialect builder url:
include_deleted Whether include deleted items in the response or not Default: false

Request Body


Response Headers

Header Description
ac-revision This parameter specifies the version of the data object retrieved. You can use the If-Match parameter in the request to retrieve a specifc version using this parameter's value.

Response Body

{ "id": 1, "deleted": false, "name": "iPhone4", "order": 1, "proposed": true }
Parameter Description Notes
id Account Config object’s unique id. Required Type: long number