This section contains API details that are common to every API’s resource and action.

Request Headers

Header Description
Authorization Contains token string to allow request authentication and authorization.
If-Match Contains data revision as known by the client. Allows to optimize the backend, networking and client resources utilization.

Response Headers

Header Description
eTag This parameter specifies the version of the data object retrieved. You can use the If-Match parameter in the request to retrieve a specifc version using this parameter's value..
location URI Location of the newly created resource. This header is included only when the request created single object.

Query Parameters

Parameter Description Notes Required
v API version number Type: Double. Default Value: 1.0 (Most updated: v=4.0) Required
select Dynamic selection of the response fields Type: YOGA 'gdata' dialect. Non-existing field: no error, blank in response. Supported fields: Any in response body. **yoga GData dialect builder url: Optional
include_deleted Whether or not deleted items in the response are included Default: false Optional

Path Parameters

Parameter Description Type
accountId LP site ID String
userId User ID Positive long number greater than zero
skillId Skill ID Positive long number greater than zero
agentGroupId Agent group ID Positive long number greater than zero

Entity Structure

Attribute Description Type/Value Required Notes
id Account Config object’s unique ID Long Read only  
deleted Whether the item is deleted or not Boolean Read only  
name Skill’s unique name String Required  
description The skill’s description String Optional  
skillOrder The skill’s order int (number) Optional  
maxWaitTime The skill’s max wait time. int (number) Optional Defaults to 120
defaultPostChatSurveyId The default post chat survey id String Optional  
defaultOfflineSurveyId The default offline chat survey id String Optional  
defaultAgentSurveyId The default agent chat survey id String Optional  
dateUpdated The last update user change date. Date (numbers) Optional The format: year-month-date hrs:min:sec
skillRoutingConfiguration For each agent group the parameters of the percentage and priority split routing. TreeSet Optional If priority is not in use, pass 1 as value.
agentGroupId Agent group ID for which we are specifying the priority and splitPercentage. String Required AgentGroupId must already exist in account config.
Required if skillRoutingConfiguration specified.
priority Routing cascading order if agent group is in full capacity, first to priority 1 then to 2 then to 3 then to …. n. number Required Required if skillRoutingConfiguration specified.
splitPercentage Split of chats to provide for each chat center (agent group). number Required Required if skillRoutingConfiguration specified.
wrapUpTime The period of time between the end of the chat and until the agent will receive the new chat Integer Optional this feature is within the ACD settings
slaDefaultResponseTime Default response time for all conversations in messaging per skill Integer Optional  
slaUrgentResponseTime Urgent response time is after consumer marked a conversation as urgent Integer Optional  
slaFirstTimeResponseTime First time response time in first conversation of a new consumer Integer Optional  
lobIds The skill's Lines Of Business IDs List Optional  
canTransfer Whether the skill can transfer to other skills Boolean Optional Default: true. If false can only transfer to itself (requeue)
skillTransferList The list of Skill ids to which this skill can transfer conversations List Optional Default: null (i.e. skill can transfer to all skills)
workingHoursId working hours ID Long Optional  
specialOccasionId special occasion ID Long Optional  
postConversationSurveyAppInstallAssociationId post conversation survey with app install association ID String Optional  
autoCloseInSeconds Set auto-close per skill in seconds Integer Optional  
transferToAgentMaxWaitInSeconds Maximum wait time for transferred conversation to wait in queue for the assigned agent Integer Optional  
fallbackSkill Allowed fallback skill for this skill Long Optional  
fallbackWhenAllAgentsAreAway Setting per skill whether or not to use fallback skill when all agents are away Boolean Optional Default: true
agentSurveyForMsgTimeoutInMinutes The time which elapsed between the end of the conversation and the agent survey expiring Integer Optional  
agentSurveyForMsgId The agent survey for messaging id this skill is assigned to Long Optional  

Entity Example

          "workingHoursId": 2859745012,
          "specialOccasionId": 2861462812,
          "dateUpdated":"2015-11-25 14:18:11",
          "canTransfer": true,
          "skillTransferList": [
          "lobIds": [

Data Revisions

The revision mechanism exists in order to maintain order and save historical data. To use the benefits of the revision mechanism, The developers are asked to add the 'IF-MATCH' request header. The 'IF-MATCH' request header contains data revision as known by the client, In addition, it allows to optimize the backend response and allows concurrent modification backend verification.

Every entity will have only one latest revision and the maximum revision number is a global number by account. Each change/update on one of these entities increases The revision. The developer can call the GET entity API in order to retrieve the latest revision. This revision will be part of the response header under ac-revision header.

When sending the API calls using the 'IF-MATCH' header with a specific revision if there was no change the response will be 304 (Not Modified) response. When using 'IF-MATCH' header with '-1' value you will always get the full response.