Supported versions:

  • 4.3 and higher
  • (AndroidX) 5.1 and higher


  • Only support authentication mode: Code flow and JWT flow.

How to configure

Simply set the attributes in branding.xml file. Please follow the instructions of each attributes below. If the configuration is missing in branding.xml file or configure to wrong value, the SDK will take the default scroll behavior.

Scroll Option Description Limitation
Bottom Conversation will scroll to the bottom regardless if there are new messages or not. N/A
LastPosition Conversation will scroll to the previous position regardless if there are unread messages or not. Support scroll to the position within about latest 100 messages for lp_scroll_show_conversation and lp_scroll_when_push_notification. Conversation will scroll to bottom if more than about 100 messages are loaded. No restrictions for lp_scroll_when_foreground.
FirstUnreadMessage Conversation will scroll to first unread message. If no unread messages exist, conversation will scroll to the bottom. N/A

Show Conversation

lp_scroll_show_conversation configures the scroll behavior when opening the conversation screen from another screen of the app.

Available options: Bottom(Default), LastPosition, FirstUnreadMessage

<string name="lp_scroll_show_conversation" translatable="false">Bottom</string>

Move to foreground from background

lp_scroll_when_foreground configures the scroll behavior when bringing the conversation screen to the foreground from the background.

Available options: Bottom, LastPosition(Default), FirstUnreadMessage

<string name="lp_scroll_when_foreground" translatable="false">LastPosition</string>

Tapped on push notification

lp_scroll_when_push_notification configures the scroll behavior when open conversation screen by tapping on push notification.

LivePerson.setPushNotificationTapped(); before show the conversation screen. Otherwise, the scroll behavior will follow the configuration of lp_scroll_show_conversation. LivePerson.setPushNotificationTapped(); must be called after SDK is initialized.

Available options: Bottom(Default), LastPosition, FirstUnreadMessage

<string name="lp_scroll_when_push_notification" translatable="false">Bottom</string>

Activity mode

LivePerson.showConversation(Activity, LPAuthenticationParams, ConversationViewParams);

Fragment mode

If conversation Fragment is not initialized.

LivePerson.getConversationFragment(LPAuthenticationParams lpAuthenticationParams, ConversationViewParams params);

If the conversation Fragment is initialized and it's in background, the attribute can be configured based on host app implentation. Below is an example,

protected void onNewIntent(Intent intent) {
    if (pushNotificationTapped) {

Click on the scroll down indicator

lp_scroll_when_scroll_down configures the scroll behavior when tapping on the scroll down indicator.

Available options: Bottom(Default), FirstUnreadMessage

<string name="lp_scroll_when_scroll_down" translatable="false">Bottom</string>