Please note that this API relates to LivePersons legacy chat product which receives limited support and will be deprecated in the future.

It is recommended to build future integrations on top of LivePersons Connector API and Messaging Window API instead.

Used to retrieve the exit survey structure.


Method URL
GET https://{domain}/api/account/{accountId}/chat/{chatId}/exitSurvey?v=1&NC=true

Retrieving the Exit Survey Structure

Returns the exit survey structure. The survey structure is an XML response describing the questions of the survey as well as the logic of which questions are hidden.


  • XML
  • JSON

Request Headers

Header Description
Authorization LivePerson appKey=721c180b09eb463d9f3191c41762bb68
Content-Type application/json
Accept application/json

Query Parameters

Name Description Type
surveyName Requests a specific survey. If a survey with this name exists, the requested survey will be returned unless there is a rule that overrides this name. alphanumeric


Response Codes

Code Description
200 Successful

JSON Example:

      "survey": {
        "id": 361348,
        "title": "",
        "header": "",
        "questions": {
          "question": [
              "type": "Radio Button",
              "validationType": "alpha_numeric",
              "id": 4991315,
              "logicId": 1,
              "order": 0,
              "mandatory": false,
              "label": "Would you like us to email you a transcript of this chat?",
              "entry": [
                  "checked": false,
                  "value": "yes",
                  "displayValue": "Yes"
                  "checked": false,
                  "value": "no",
                  "displayValue": "No"
              "type": "Text Field",
              "validationType": "email",
              "id": 4991311,
              "logicId": 2,
              "order": 1,
              "mandatory": false,
              "label": "If yes, please provide your email:",
              "lastKnownValue": ""

Elements in the Response

Name Description Type/Value Notes
title For future use. alphanumeric  
header The survey's displayed header. alphanumeric  
question Contains all the question data.    
mandatory Whether this question is mandatory in the survey. Boolean  
order The order of the question in the survey.   You should display the questions according to their order number.
logicId Unique ID of this question for logic.   See Logic below
id Unique ID of this question.    
type Identifies the question answer type. Dropdown Box
Radio Button (side by side)
Radio Button
Text Field
Text Area
validationType Identifies the question validation type. alphanumeric
label The displayed question label. alphanumeric  
lastKnownValue An old value from an earlier session (for non-selection questions). alphanumeric Should be showed to the user as the default value for this question.
entry A selection question item.    
checked Indicates whether this item should be selected when you show this question to the user. Boolean  
value (entry) The label of the selection item. alphanumeric  
Logic Exists if this question has any logic.   Logic allows specified questions in surveys to be hidden or displayed to visitors based on the answers given to previous questions in a survey. In the examples above, the question with attribute logicID 5 will be displayed when the 'CATS' answer is selected via the drop-down box in question with id="12786273". This behavior is set by the "showLogicId" element. Question Logic is particularly useful when the user might receive a long list of options that would not be as user-friendly in a single list; or you wish to hide conditional or required questions which might not be relevant for all users completing the survey.
showLogicId The logic ID of the question to be displayed if this item is selected. numeric