Delete an existing category



HTTP Methods


Response Codes

200 OK

304 Not Modified

400 Bad Request

401 Not Authorized

403 Forbidden

404 Data not found

409 Conflict

500 Internal server error



Path Parameters

Parameter Description Notes
accountId LP site id Validation fail error code: 400 Type: String

Query Parameters

Parameter Description Notes
select dynamic selection of response fields Default: $all alias: id,deleted,name,order,proposed Available aliases: $all: id,deleted,name,order,proposed $summary: id,deleted,name type: YOGA 'gdata' dialect validation error: 400 supported fields: any in response body **yoga GData dialect builder url:
return determine the return policy Default: none — return the active revision with no response body. 'order’ attribute is not maintained by the server Also accepts: active — return all active (non-deleted) categories with the response body all — return all categories with the response body, including the deleted categories On both 'active’ and 'all’ the 'order’ attribute is maintained by the server

Request Headers

Header Description
Authorization Contains token string to allow request authentication and authorization. See the doc for more details.
If-Match Contains AC Categories current revision number

Response Headers

Header Description
ac-revision This parameter specifies the version of the data object retrieved. You can use the If-Match parameter in the request to retrieve a specifc version using this parameter's value. after the operation

Response Body

Delete a single category data, depends on the 'return’ query parameter

Delete category example:

Initial state:

Site contains 4 categories (id/order/name triplets): 11,1,"IPhone5”; 22,2,”Nexus5”; 33,3,”Nexus6”; 44,4,”IPhone5C”

After deletion of category id 11 state:

Site contains 3 active categories (id/order/name triplets): 22,1,"Nexus5”; 33,2,”Nexus6”; 44,3,”IPhone5C”

Note that 3 out of 4 existing order values are affected by the delete operation.

Response body without return policy specified (default = NONE): no response body

Response body with return policy ACTIVE

[{ "id":22, "deleted":false, "name":"Nexus5", "order":1, "proposed":true },{ "id":33, "deleted":false, "name":"Nexus6", "order":2, "proposed":true },{ "id":44, "deleted":false, "name":"IPhone5C", "order":3, "proposed":true }]

Response body with return policy ALL

[{ "id":11, "deleted":true, "name":"IPhone5", "order":1, "proposed":true },{ "id":22, "deleted":false, "name":"Nexus5", "order":1, "proposed":true },{ "id":33, "deleted":false, "name":"Nexus6", "order":2, "proposed":true },{ "id":44, "deleted":false, "name":"IPhone5C", "order":3, "proposed":true }]