Upgrading to SDK 3.0

This document contains guides on how to upgrade from previous versions of the SDK to 3.0.

Android Studio Version

LP Messaging SDK 3.0 requires Android Studio 3.0 to build.

Gradle Version

LP Messaging SDK 3.0 uses Gradle 3.0.1.

Updating Gradle configuration
  • gradle-wrapper.properties

      # change to gradle wrapper 4.1
  • project-level build.gradle

dependencies {
    // ensure dependencies contains gradle:3.0.1
    classpath 'com.android.tools.build:gradle:3.0.1'

repositories {
    // ensure repositories include google()
  • app-level build.gradle
android {
    // It is no longer necessary to specify a buildToolsVersion with gradle 3

dependencies {
    // SDK 3.0 requires com.android.support:appcompat-v7:25.3.1
    compile 'com.android.support:appcompat-v7:25.3.1'

Deprecated Methods

LP Messaging SDK 2.7 introduced new versions of the LivePerson.showConversation() and LivePerson.getConversationFragment() methods.

As such if you are upgrading from any version older than 2.7.0, or if you are still using the deprecated methods in a 2.7.x+ application, you will need to adjust how you show the conversation activity or fragment by passing in a LPAuthenticationParams object and a ConversationViewParams object:

new ConversationViewParams(boolean readOnlyMode)

	if (cbAuth.isChecked()) {
		// LivePerson.showConversation(MainActivity.this, authToken);
		LivePerson.showConversation(MainActivity.this, new LPAuthenticationParams().setHostAppJWT(authToken), new ConversationViewParams(false));
	} else {
		//  LivePerson.showConversation(MainActivity.this);
		LivePerson.showConversation(MainActivity.this, new LPAuthenticationParams(), new ConversationViewParams(false));
	if (cbAuth.isChecked()) {
		// LivePerson.getConversationFragment(authToken);
		LivePerson.getConversationFragment(new LPAuthenticationParams().setHostAppJWT(authToken), new ConversationViewParams(false));
	} else {
		//  LivePerson.getConversationFragment();
		LivePerson.getConversationFragment(MainActivity.this, new LPAuthenticationParams(), new ConversationViewParams(false));

Step by Step

  1. Remove the existing SDK version

    • File → Project Structure → remove lp_messaging_sdk

    • delete the lp_messaging_sdk folder from application root

  2. Update Gradle configuration as described above.

  3. Add the new SDK version

    • File → New → Import Module → new lp_messaging_sdk
  4. Change deprecated methods, as described above.