This API forward GET requests with required certificate if the certificate exists (if not - it forwards the non-mtls request to the required endpont).

When submitting the forward request, the certificate will be fetched according to service name + url, wrapped and forwarded to the desired endponit and the response will be returned as if contacted the remote endpoint directly.


Method URL
GET https://[{domain}]/mtls/account/{accountId}

Request Headers

Header Description
Authorization Contains token string to allow request authentication and authorization.
LP-service-name Contains the service name which has the certificate in Hashicorp-Vault. Not Required.
LP-forward-url Contains the desired endpoint url of the client.
LP-authorization-override Contains the authorizaion for the desired endpoint url of the client. Not Required.

Request Body

same body as the client sends to the original endpoint.

Path Parameters

Parameter Description Type/Value
accountId LP site ID String


Response Codes

Code Description
200 OK
401 Not Authenticated
403 Not Authorized
500 Internal Server Error

Response Body

same body as the server responses.