Queue Position And Estimated Wait Time ( 2024 )


This API will response back the queue position and estimated wait time for a single conversation

Note that this is a beta version (2024) and inorder to enable the API you should contact your account manager for enabling Ac Feature Flags : 'Messaging.Queue_Position_Calculations' AND 'Messaging.Estimated_Wait_Time_Calculations'

  1. Queue position is updated every 30 sec.
  2. Rate limit is enabled for the API. Limit is 2 calls per min for a conversation.
  3. Estimated wait time for a skill is updated every 5 minutes.
  4. Estimated wait time is not calculated for bot skills. ( skills that are attached only to bots ).

API allows up to 2 request per minute for the same account and conversation


Method URL
GET https://{domain}/v1/queuePosition/account/{accountId}/conversations/{conversationId}


Name Value Example
Authorization Bearer 9014c8e3e4a3f8022f544774e8f43deccd9ecf30509cc1825

Path Params

Name Value Example
accountId 63358097
conversationId 3ba8451d-2722-4181-b4db-532c76b8f037

Response Codes

Code Response
200 Ok. see Response example below
400 Bad request — Problem with query parameters
401 Unauthorized — Bad Authentication
403 Forbidden — Bad Authorization (invalid permissions)
429 Rate Limit - Too many requests
500 Internal Server Error — Please try again after the time specified in the response has passed

Example Response Body For 200

    "queuePosition": 20,
    "estimatedWaitTimeSec": 500

Response Body For 400/401/403/429/500

This is an example response body for errors :

    "exceptionType": "MissingServletRequestParameterException",
    "message": "Required Long parameter 'agentId' is not present"

Appendix - Estimated Wait Time Calculator formula

Estimated Wait Time = (A * QP) + Min[(ettr - now ),0]

QP = Queue position of the conversation.

‘A’ = (T2-T1)/(P1-P2) where P1,P2 are different queue positions of sample conversations with velocity ‘v’ at different times T1,T2 that is measured every 5 minutes interval for every skill.

ettr = Estimated time to response ( calc from the TTR (SLA) and contains manual ettr if exists)

Velocity = queue priority velocity rules calculation that is used for the queue priority of a conversation.