Localized keys with the English localization string:

Attribute name String localization
accessibilityAgentDefaultAvatar "Agent"
accessibilityAgentIsTyping "%@ is typing"
accessibilityAgentWithoutNameIsTyping "Agent is typing"
accessibilityCameraButton "Open camera"
accessibilityCloseCameraButton "Close camera"
accessibilityCloseScreenButton "Close"
accessibilityFileDownloadAnnouncement "Downloading file"
accessibilityFileDownloadedErrorState "Failed to download"
accessibilityFileDownloadingState "Downloading"
accessibilityFileMessageFromAgentWithName "Agent %@: file"
accessibilityFileMessageFromAgentWithoutName "Agent: file"
accessibilityFileNoFileState "Double tap to download"
accessibilityFileNotAvailableState "Not available"
accessibilityFileSyncedState "Double tap to open"
accessibilityFileUploadAnnouncement "Uploading photo"
accessibilityFileUploadingState "Uploading"
accessibilityHintScrollToBottomButton "Scrolls the user to newest messages."
accessibilityLinkText "Link"
accessibilityMessageError "Error"
accessibilityMessageErrorHint "Tap to resend message"
accessibilityMessageFromAgentWithName "Agent %@: %@"
accessibilityMessageFromAgentWithoutName "Agent: %@"
accessibilityMessageFromUser "You: %@"
accessibilityNavigationMenuButton "Menu"
accessibilityPhoto "Photo"
accessibilityPhotoMessageFromAgentWithName "Agent %@: photo"
accessibilityPhotoMessageFromAgentWithoutName "Agent: photo"
accessibilityPhotoMessageFromUser "You: photo"
accessibilityRealTimeLinkPreviewCloseButtonHint "Press to close link preview"
accessibilityRealTimeLinkPreviewClosePreviewButton "Close link preview"
accessibilityRealTimeLinkPreviewDescription "Link preview description"
accessibilityRealTimeLinkPreviewImage "Link preview image"
accessibilityRealTimeLinkPreviewTitle "Link preview title"
accessibilityRealTimeLinkPreviewView "Link"
accessibilityScrollToBottomButton "Scroll to Bottom"
accessibilityVoiceRecognitionButton "Dictate"
accessibilityVoiceRecognitionButtonActivationHint "Double tap to start dictation, double tap again when finished"
accessibilityVoiceRecognitionButtonDeactivationHint ""
accessibilityVoiceRecognitionButtonErrorHint "Error occurred, unable to start"
accessibilityVoiceRecognitionInsertedText "inserted %@"
anAgentWillRespondShortly "An agent will respond shortly"
and "and"
button "button"
callTo "Call %@"
camera "Camera"
cancel "Cancel"
cantSendMail "Can&#39t send email"
clearHistoryConfirmButton "Clear"
clearHistoryConfirmation "All of your existing conversation history will be lost. Are you sure?"
clearHistoryFailureMessage "Please resolve the conversation first."
clearHistoryMenuTitle "Clear history"
collaborationCallAccepted "Call accepted."
collaborationCallCancelledInvitation "Call canceled."
collaborationCallConsumerLeft "You left the call."
collaborationCallDeclined "Call rejected."
collaborationCallEnded "Call ended."
collaborationCallEndedByAgent "Call was ended by %@."
collaborationCallEndedByConsumer "You ended the call."
collaborationCallInvited "%@ is calling you."
collaborationCallJoined "Call has started."
collaborationCallNotJoined "Call could not be connected."
collaborationCallTimeout "You missed a call from %@."
confirm "Confirm"
connectionStatusBarConnecting "Connecting…"
connectionStatusBarFailedToConnect "Failed to connect to the server."
connectionStatusBarStillConnecting "Still connecting…"
conversationAlreadyEnded "This conversation has already been resolved."
conversationEmptyState "There are currently no conversations at this time"
conversationEndedByAgent "Conversation resolved by %@ \n %@"
conversationEndedByAgentWithoutName "Conversation resolved by Agent \n %@"
conversationEndedByYou "Conversation resolved by You \n %@"
copyNumber "Copy number"
csatResolutionFeedbackText "Your feedback helps us serve you better.\nIt will not be shared with any customer service representatives."
csatResolutionQuestionText "Did we solve your issue today?"
customButtonAccessibilityDescription "call"
day "1 day"
dismiss "Dismiss"
dismissUrgent "Dismiss urgency"
dismissUrgentConfirmation "Are you sure you want to mark this conversation as not urgent?"
dissatisfied "Dissatisfied"
endTheConversation "Resolve the conversation"
errorSendingTheAudio "Error sending the audio"
errorSendingTheFile "Error sending the file"
errorSendingThePhoto "Error sending the photo"
facetimeAudio "FaceTime Audio"
feedbackNoButtonTitle "No"
feedbackYesButtonTitle "Yes"
fileExtensionMissing "Something has gone wrong."
fileSharingAttachmentMenu "Attachment menu"
fileSharingCloseAttachmentMenu "Close attachment menu"
fileSharingDocument "Document"
fileSharingFileSizeLimitation "File size exceeds the %d MB limitation"
fileSharingSendFile "Send File"
fileSharingSendPhoto "Send Photo"
fileSharingUnsupportedFileSize "Unsupported file size"
hiMessage "How can I help you today?"
invalidHyperLinkError "Link is not valid"
isTyping "typing…"
loadingHistoryMessages "Loading…"
markAsEndedConfirmation "Are you sure this topic is resolved?"
markAsUrgent "Mark as urgent"
markAsUrgentConfirmation "Are you sure you want to mark this conversation as urgent?"
maskedMessageResendError "Message failed to send. Please re-enter message and send again."
microphone "Microphone"
minutesAgo "%d min ago"
neither "Neither"
newRemoteMessage "New Message"
noEmailOnDeviceError "No email is defined on this device"
noInternetConnection "No Internet Connection"
noSocketConnectivity "No connectivity to server\nPlease try again"
notNow "Not now"
nowTimestamp "Now"
numberOfDays "%d days"
numberOfHours "%d hours"
numberOfMinutes "%d minutes"
offlineNotification "Offline. Check your internet connection."
ok "OK"
olderMessages "Older messages"
oneHour "1 hour"
oneMinute "1 minute"
oneUnreadMessage "1 unread message"
outOf "out of"
permissionPopUpDeniedCameraDescription "We use the camera to take picture and share them with your agent.\nGo to settings to enable %@ access."
permissionPopUpDeniedMicrophoneDescription "We use the microphone to record and share audio messages with your agent.\nGo to settings to enable %@ access."
permissionPopUpDeniedOptionGoToSettings "Go to Settings"
permissionPopUpDeniedOptionNotNow "Not now"
permissionPopUpDeniedPhotoLibraryDescription "We use the photo library to select images from your device and share them with your agent.\nGo to settings to enable %@ access."
permissionPopUpDeniedTitle "Enable %@ Access"
permissionPopUpRestrictedDescription "The admin of this device has restricted access to the %@.\nPlease contact admin to enable access."
permissionPopUpRestrictedTitle "%@ Access Restricted"
photoLibrary "Photo Library"
quickReplyButton "Quick reply button"
quickReplyContentMessage "This message has options to select from."
rateConnectionWithAgent "How would you rate your\nconnection with our agent?"
rateConnectionWithName "How would you rate your\nconnection with %@?"
readReceiptTextDistributed "Distributed"
readReceiptTextRead "Read"
readReceiptTextSending "Sending"
readReceiptTextSent "Sent"
resolve "Resolve"
retry "Retry"
richContentMessageNotification "Rich Content Message"
satisfied "Satisfied"
secureFormConsumerSubmissionMessage "I have submitted the &#39%@&#39 form"
secureFormErrorMessage "There was a problem opening this form. Please ask the agent to resend the form."
secureFormExpiredMessage "Secure form has expired. Please ask the agent to resend the form."
secureFormFillFormButtonTitle "Fill in form"
secureFormSubmittedMessage "This form has been submitted and cannot be reopened for security reasons."
secureFormToFillInMessage "This is a secure form. Information entered here is protected and cannot be accessed once submitted."
secureFormViewedMessage "This form has already been viewed. Please ask the agent to resend the form."
send "Send"
sendEmailMessage "Would you like to send an email to %@?"
sendEmailTitle "Send Email"
sendMessage "Send Message"
sentMailErrorMessage "Email could not be sent. Please try again later."
sentMailErrorTitle "Mail not sent"
sentMessageErrorTitle "Message was not sent"
sharePhotoFromCamera "Take Photo"
sharePhotoFromPhotoLibrary "Photo Library"
sorryWeveEncounteredAnErrorWhileSending "File extension may be missing. Please check the file sent."
sorryWeveEncounteredAnErrorWhileSendingTheAudio "Sorry, we&#39ve encountered an error while sending the audio. Please try again."
sorryWeveEncounteredAnErrorWhileSendingTheFile "Sorry, we&#39ve encountered an error while sending the file. Please try again."
sorryWeveEncounteredAnErrorWhileSendingThePhoto "Sorry, we&#39ve encountered an error while sending the photo. Please try again."
structuredContentAccessibilityMap "Map"
structuredContentCellWithItemsMessage "This message has extra content and group contains %d items"
structuredContentCellWithNoItemsMessage "This message has extra content"
structuredContentItemError "Content failed to display"
submit "Submit"
surveySubmittedSuccessfullyThankYou "Survey submitted successfully.\nThank you!"
systemMessageClientOnlyMasked "Your personal data has been masked to protect your security. Only the agent can read it."
systemMessageRealTimeMasked "Your personal data has been masked to protect your security and cannot be read by the agent."
tapToAddACaption "Tap to add a caption"
today "Today"
toolTipDeleteVoiceClip "Delete voice clip"
toolTipDeletedRecordingHint "Recording deleted"
toolTipLongTapToRecord "Long tap to record"
toolTipRecordLimitReached "Recording limit has been reached, click to send"
toolTipRecordVoiceClip "Record voice clip"
toolTipRecordingHint "Record Voice button. Double-tap and hold to record."
toolTipRecordingInProgress "Recording in progress"
toolTipReleaseButtonForRecording "Release for recording"
toolTipReplayVoice "Replay voice"
toolTipReplyHint "Double-Tap to replay."
toolTipStartRecording "Start recording"
toolTipStartedRecordingHint "Recording started with time limit %d minutes %d seconds. Double-tap to stop recording."
toolTipStartedReplyHint "Replay started. Double-tap to stop."
toolTipStopRecording "Stop recording"
toolTipStopReplaying "Stop replaying."
toolTipStoppedRecordingHint "Recording stopped at %d minutes %d seconds."
toolTipStoppedReplyHint "Playback stopped."
ttrOffHoursResponseMessageDate "Thanks for your message. We will be back online %@"
ttrOffHoursResponseMessageToday "Thanks for your message. We will be back online Today at %@"
ttrOffHoursResponseMessageTomorrow "Thanks for your message. We will be back online Tomorrow at %@"
ttrResponseMessage "An agent will respond within the next %@"
unauthenticatedUserExpiredMessage "Hi there! As we haven&#39t seen you for a while, we&#39re opening a new conversation for you"
unauthenticatedUserExpiredTitle "New Conversation"
unreadMessages "%@ UNREAD MESSAGES"
urgent "Urgent"
veryDissatisfied "Very Dissatisfied"
verySatisfied "Very Satisfied"
videoActiveCall "You are in a video call"
videoCallInvitationHeading "Video Call"
voiceActiveCall "You are in a voice call"
voiceCallInvitationHeading "Voice Call"
voiceRecognitionPlaceHolder "Listening…"
writeMessage "Write a message"
yes "Yes"