Supported versions: 3.8 and newer

When a consumer starts a new conversation, or a new customer visits the site, brands can send the first message with a list of quick replies of common intents.

You can configure the Welcome message as a simple text message with or without quick replies, for example:

Welcome to our support! What can we help you with today?

[Questions about existing account] [open a new account] [tech support]

A consumer’s quick reply selection or answer gets inserted as their first message in the conversation, which opens the conversation in the Conversational Cloud agent workspace.

To use this feature with the Control History API, refer to the following page

How to enable

//Welcome message
var messageTitle = "Hello Mr.Smith, how may we help you?\n"
messageTitle.append("To know more about our terms and conditions visit:\n")
messageTitle.append("") // this ability is only available on SDK 6.2.0 and Above

let welcomeMessageParam = LPWelcomeMessage(message: messageTitle, frequency: .everyConversation)

//adding options
let options = [
    LPWelcomeMessageOption(value: "My latest bill statement", displayName: "1️⃣ Bill"),
    LPWelcomeMessageOption(value: "A recent order placed", displayName: "2️⃣ Order"),
    LPWelcomeMessageOption(value: "Technical support", displayName: "3️⃣ Support"),
    LPWelcomeMessageOption(value: "Account information", displayName: "4️⃣ Account")

do {
    try welcomeMessageParam.set(options: options)
} catch {

let conversationViewParams = LPConversationViewParams(conversationQuery: conversationQuery,
                                                     containerViewController: nil,
                                                     isViewOnly: false,
                                                     conversationHistoryControlParam: conversationHistoryControlParam,
                                                     welcomeMessage: welcomeMessageParam)
//show conversation
LPMessaging.instance.showConversation(conversationViewParams, authenticationParams: authenticationParams)

Support for rendering links automatically is available on SDK 6.2.0 and above.


  • You can configure up to 24 quick reply options, but you have a 25 character limit per quick reply option.

  • By default, eight quick replies are presented per row and quick replies styles inherit the Agent Bubble styling configuration.

  • When the consumer ends the conversation, the window remains open, and the Welcome message appears again.

  • Quick reply messages do not get recorded in the conversation history.

  • The conversational metadata (ExternalId) does not get populated.

     "metadata": [
         "type": "ExternalId",
         "id": "Yes-1234"
  • Rendering links support only for url, sms, tel, facetime, facetime-audio, and doesn't cover hyperlinks format.