Supported versions: 3.8 and newer

When a consumer starts a new conversation, or a new customer visits the site, brands can send the first message with a list of quick replies of common intents.

You can configure the Welcome message as a simple text message with or without quick replies, for example:

Welcome to our support! What can we help you with today?

[Questions about existing account] [open a new account] [tech support]

A consumer’s quick reply selection or answer gets inserted as their first message in the conversation, which opens the conversation in the Conversational Cloud agent workspace.

How to enable

        //Welcome message
let welcomeMessageParam = LPWelcomeMessage(message: "Hello Mr.Bond")

        //adding options
        let options: [LPWelcomeMessage.MessageOption] = [
            LPWelcomeMessage.MessageOption(value: "music", displayName: "awesome tunes"),
            LPWelcomeMessage.MessageOption(value: "food", displayName: "Delicious food "),
        do {
            try welcomeMessageParam.set(options: options)
        } catch {
        let conversationViewParams = LPConversationViewParams(conversationQuery: conversationQuery,
                                                              containerViewController: nil,
                                                              isViewOnly: false,
                                                              conversationHistoryControlParam: conversationHistoryControlParam,
                                                              welcomeMessage: welcomeMessageParam)
//show conversation
LPMessaging.instance.showConversation(conversationViewParams,  authenticationParams: authenticationParams)

Currently this feature is not fully compatible with the Control History APIs.


  • You can configure up to 24 quick reply options, but you have a 25 character limit per quick reply option.

  • By default, eight quick replies are presented per row and quick replies styles inherit the Agent Bubble styling configuration.

  • When the consumer ends the conversation, the window remains open, and the Welcome message appears again.

  • Quick reply messages do not get recorded in the conversation history.

  • The conversational metadata (ExternalId) does not get populated.

     "metadata": [
              "type": "ExternalId",
              "id": "Yes-1234"