Validate the categories import content, this API should be called prior to the import API call



HTTP Methods


Response Codes

200 OK

400 Bad Request

401 Not Authorized

403 Forbidden

500 Internal server error



Path Parameters

Parameter Description Notes
accountId LP site id Validation fail error code: 400 Type: String

Query Parameters

Parameter Description Notes
v api version Positive full double, current only 1.0 is supported
fileType Type of the file (parrent ac type) CANNED_RESPONSE — canned response file type

Request Headers

Header Description
Authorization Contains token string to allow request authentication and authorization. See the doc for more details.

Request Body

The request payload contain the CSV content as string and a structure for containing the validation errors in that CSV:

{ "csvContent":””, “errorsData”:{ “rows”:[ {“index”:1, “columns”:[“name”:”language”, “value”: “fake”], “errors”: [{“columnName”: “language”, “error” : “invalid language value”}]} ], “errorCount”: 1 } }

Response Body

When there are validation error the response contain their details.

{ "rows":[ {“index”:1, “columns”:[“name”:”language”, “value”: “fake”], “errors”: [{“columnName”: “language”, “error” : “invalid language value”}]} ], “errorCount”: 1 }