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The Bot Analytics application is intended to show you real time data on your bots. As such, you can use it to query for and download data for any 60-day time period in the last 13 months. If you need to download at one time the data for a longer time period, use Analytics Builder.

Access Bot Analytics

To access the Bot Analytics application

  1. On the left sidebar in Conversational Cloud, click the icon.
  2. In the Conversational AI dashboard, click Bot Analytics.

    The first screen that appears is a list of all your bots. Search or scroll through the list and select the bot for which you want to see data.


After clicking on a bot, you will be brought to the Overview. Clicking on "Overview" in the upper-left will show all of the available views.

In any view for a bot, you will be able to change the date range and timezone in the upper-right.

In any view other than the Overview, you are able to download the results to a CSV file via the download button under the date filter.


Name Description
Users Number of unique users connected to bot
Conversations Number of Conversational Cloud Conversations in which the bot is a participant
Automation Sessions (Deprecated) Number of times a bot connects to a conversation
Average Session Length (Deprecated) Average of the time lapse between bot connection/disconnection to a conversation
Escalations Number of times a bot transfers a user to a different skill/agent
Conversation Escalation Rate Percentage of conversations that are transferred to a different skill/agent
Messages The number of messages sent by the consumer and received by the bot. For details on this, see the Messages section in the application.
Questions Asked The number of intentful messages received by the bot. These are dialog starters and other intentful responses to which patterns and intents were matched.
Matched Intents Number of questions asked that are matched with intents or Knowledge Base articles
Unmatched Phrases Number of questions asked that are not matched with intents or Knowledge Base articles
Intent Matched Rate Percentage of questions asked that were matched