All auditing logs are returned in a JSON format, aggregated per account, API type, user id (which accessed the API) and hour.


Method URL
GET https://{domain}/lp-auditlogapi/{accountID}?from=&to=&agentId=&api=
Example URL

URL Parameters

Name Description Type / Value Required
from The starting time (in epoch time) from which the data will be filtered. numeric required
to The end time (in epoch time) until which the data will be filtered. Max time range supported is thirty days numeric required
agentId If the data was accessed from Conversational Cloud's UI, this is the agentId of the user who did so. In case the data was accessed using a historical data API, this is the AppKey used
Example: agentId=4153. To retrieve all user 4153 audit logs, use agentId=all for all.
numeric required
api History API type. Use msg_search for messaging transcripts expose, chat_search for chat transcripts expose and chat_export for chat export requests
Example: api=msg_search
string required
V Represents the API version, with version 2 offering pagination as an option. The default value for this parameter is set to 1.
Example: v=2
numeric optional
limit Represent the number of items displayed in a single response. 10 is the default value and the maximum value.
Example: limit=10
numeric optional- used only in v=2
offset The offset parameter indicates the beginning point of the retrieved results. For example, in a case of 100 items with a limit of 10 results per request (limit=10), for retrieving items 11-20, the offset value should be set to 10 to start retrieving data from the 11th item. The default value for offset is 0
Example: offset=10
numeric optional- used only in v=2
agentName The parameter for the agent's name on Conversational Cloud. This parameter is case-sensitive and considers the inclusion or exclusion of spaces.
string optional
source The source of the request that has been sent to the system.
string optional


JSON Example

  "recordslist": [
      "accountId": "79316966",
      "apiConsumerid": "3447834010",
      "apiType": "MSG_SEARCH",
      "time": "1560236400000",
      "interactions": [
      "agentName": "john@doe",
      "source:": "ConversationalCloudUI"

Elements in the Response

Name Description Type / Value
accountId API user account id
apiConsumerid Agent id or AppKey of History API consumer
apiType API type
time Start time of data accessed in an hourly time interval
For example: 1560236400000 means the data was accessed within an interval between Tuesday, June 11, 2019 7:00:00 AM and Tuesday, June 11, 2019 7:59:59 AM
interactions List of interaction ids that were exposed to the API consumer
agentName Agent's name, If an API is used to send the request, the agent's name will be blank. string
source In case an API is employed to send the request and no source is specified, the source field will be empty. string