The Intent Manager dashboard is the landing page you are taken to after accessing the Intent Manager application. The dashboard provides you with a high-level overview of your:

  • Domains
  • Intent coverage and discovery opportunities
  • Intent quality

From the dashboard, you can control settings and quickly navigate to the Discover, Build, Optimize, and Analyze sections of Intent Manager for each domain.

Domain list

The Domain list includes a complete list of all existing domains.

  • Intent Tracking: When Intent Tracking is enabled for a domain, all messages (bot and human) are evaluated by the model for intent in real time. Results of intent tracking are shown in the Analyze section of Intent Manager. The Primary Intent Tracking domain is indicated with a star. This is the default intent tracking domain for applications that don't support multi-domain Intent Tracking.
  • NLU Provider: Indicates the underlying machine-learning (ML) model used to train the domain.
  • Test Performance: Shows the latest test performance for each domain.
  • Last Trained: Shows the date on which the model was last trained.

Domain intent quality

Displays the latest test performance for each domain.

Intent coverage

Displays a combined view of conversation and message classifications across all tracked domains.

Top intents

Displays the top intents by volume across all tracked domains.

Intent discovery

Provides an overall view of discovery clusters. Clicking on any of the clusters opens Intent Discovery for your primary domain.