This section contains API details that are common to every API’s resource and action.

Request Headers

Header Description Notes
Authorization Contains token string to allow request authentication and authorization.  
If-Match This parameter allows you to specify a version of the data object to retrieve. If this parameter is not specified, the latest version of the data object is retrieved.. Allows optimization of backend, networking and client resource utilization.

Response Headers

Header Description Notes
ac-revision This parameter specifies the version of the data object retrieved. You can use the If-Match parameter in the request to retrieve a specifc version using this parameter's value..  
location URI Location of the newly created resource. Included only when the request creates a single object. v

Query Parameters

Name Description Type Required Notes
v API version Double Required Validation fail error code: 400
select Dynamic selection of the response fields. YOGA 'gdata' dialect. Optional Validation error: 400 Non-existing field: no error, blank in response. Supported fields: any in response body
fields List of required fields Comma delimited list of strings Optional Validation fail error code: 400. Non existing field error code: 400. Supported fields: 1. enabled 2. data 3. categoriesIds 4. hot-key 5. type
field_set Predefined set of fields Comma delimited list of strings Optional Default: summary Validation fail error code: 400.Non existing field error code: 400.Supported field_set values: 1. all(id, deleted, enabled, data, categoriesIds, type, hot-key) 2. summary(id, deleted, enabled, categoriesIds, type, hot-key)
include_deleted Whether or not deleted items in the response are included Boolean Optional Default: False
sanitize_data Whether to sanitize any HTML messages Boolean Optional Default: False
lang List of requested content languages Comma delimited list of language IDs (en-US, …) Optional Default: all languages

Path Parameters

Parameter Description Type Notes
accountId LP site ID string Validation fail error code: 400
predefined-content-id Account Config object's unique ID Positive long number greater than zero  

Entity Structure

Attribute Description Type Required Notes
id Account Config object’s unique ID. long number Required  
deleted Indicates whether or not the item is deleted. Boolean Required  
enabled Whether the item is active or not Boolean Required  
type The type of Predefined Content (text, video, etc.) number Required Valid values: 0 (text)
hotkey Hotkey value combination for this object. object Optional  
hotkey.prefix First key of the hotkey combination string Required  
data.*.isDefault Flag to state whether the value of the msg attribute is default. True/False Optional If a templateId exists, all message entries that were not overridden will have the isDefault flag set to true. Otherwise the flag is false.
templateId An identification of a template used to instantiate the object. string Optional  
title Predefined Content title translation. string Required  
data.*.msg Predefined Content translated message. string Required  
data.*.lang The language of the Predefined Content translation. enum of language codes Required Example values: en-US, en-UK)
attributes Array of attributes associated with this system message. array Optional  
attributes.*.name Name of an attribute. string Required  
attributes.*.value Value of an attribute. string Required  
categoriesIds Categories assigned to this object. array of numbers Optional  
skillsIds Skill assigned to this object array of longs Optional  
lobIds lob assigned to this object array of numbers Optional  

Entity Example

    "prefix":"a", "suffix":"9"
        "msg": "Hello, how can I help you?",
        "lang": "en-us",
        "title": "Hello",
          "msg": "Hello!",
          "lang": "en-us","title": "Opening Line","isDefault":false}
  "categoriesIds": [234,5674,4,3],
  "skillIds": [234,5674,4,3],
  "lobIds": [10,11,12,13]