There are two ways to use the Next Actions functionality:

  • The REST API that can directly access CCS. A primary use case for this is to retrieve policy routing decisions when using external, third-party bots, such as Watson or DialogFlow.
  • A JavaScript function that wraps the REST API for easy use in LivePerson Conversation Builder. If you want to save and delete properties in Conversation Builder, use the Javascript wrapper functions.

JavaScript wrapper

See the discussion on the built-in askMaven function in Conversation Builder.


Every API call to the Conversation Context Service requires the following auth headers to be accepted:

  • content-Type: application/json
  • maven-api-key: {YOUR API KEY}

Base URL per environment:

  • EMEA:
  • APAC:

The accountId and API key in these examples are fake; please replace them with the accountID and the developer key that you generated.

Get Next Actions

Get a routing decision based on Conversation Orchestrator configured policies.

Method Path
GET /v1/account/{accountId}/next-actions?conversationId={conversationId}&consumerId={consumerId}&groupId={groupId}
Query parameters
Name Type Description Required?
accountId string The accountId of the brand Required
conversationId string The conversation ID of the current conversation Optional
consumerId string LivePerson consumer ID of the current conversation Optional
groupId string The group ID associated with the session store variable call to set values. If no groupId is specified, then the conversationId is used to associate with the session store variables. Optional
Request payload


Request example
curl -X GET "https://{domain}/v1/account/{accountId}/next-actions?conversationId=myconversationId&consumerId=myconsumerId&groupId=mygroupId" -H  "accept: */*" -H  "maven-api-key: ABCD12BigSbWF2ZW4tcm91dGluZw=="
Response example
    nextActionId: 'UUID', // some uuid
    rule: {
        "id": "12345",
        "name": "This is VIP rule"
        actions: [
                "type": "TRANSFER_TO_AGENT",
                "payload": {
                    agentId: 'g23hasd234',
                    fallbackSkillId: '12345'
                "type": "SEND_MESSAGE",
                "payload": {
                    text: 'hello from maven"
    noMatchReason: "NO_MATCHED_RULES" // only added if no rules are matches, rule will be null
    noMatchReason: "NO_POLICIES_ENABLED"