Please note that this SDK relates to LivePersons legacy chat product which receives limited support and will be deprecated in the future.

It is recommended to build future integrations on top of the corresponding messaging SDK instead.

All surveys follow the same structure and behavior patterns. To avoid duplication for the different survey types, here is a summary of the survey object.

The Survey Object

Property Description Type Notes
survey The top level container of the survey object. object  
id The identifier for this survey. number  
header A header for the survey to display before the questions. string  
questions A top level container for the question object. object  
question   array/object If a single question appears it will be an object. Otherwise it is an array of questions.

The Question Object

Property Description Type Notes
id An identifier for the question. Will be later used when submitting answers. number  
order The order of the question in the question list. number  
mandatory If this question must be filled in for the survey to be valid. Boolean Due to the survey having logic some mandatory questions do not need to be answered.
validationType The required validation for this field. string Options: alpha_numeric, numeric, email.
alpha_numeric: Any input will accept empty spaces.
numeric: Any valid number.
email: A valid email.
logicId This represents the question's logical ID. number Surveys can have logic defined for displaying a question only when a specific multi-option answer was selected.
label The question text. string  
lastKnownValue The last value entered for this question by the specific user. string Only exists in questions of type Text Field and Text Area.
entry An array of possible answers for this question. object Explained in a separate table below.
Only exists in questions of type: Dropdown Box, Radio Button, Radio Button (side by side) and Checkbox.
type The expected DOM display and behavior for a question. string Types:
Text Field — an input field of type text
Text Area — a text area
Dropdown Box — a select element
Radio Button — an input field of type radio.
Radio Button (side by side) — same as Radio Button, the difference is the expected rendering for this should be side by side options.
Checkbox — an input field of type checkbox.
This is the only type that allows multiple answers for the same question.

The Entry Object

Property Description Type Notes
value The answer text. string  
checked Indicates if this answer is selected. Boolean  
logic Contains the showLogicId property which can be a single one or an array. object The showLogicId is a list of logicId that are a part of the question object. When an entry is marked as checked true, the questions whose logicId's match the showLogicId field should be displayed.

Logic Example:

   "showLogicId" : [2 ,3 ,4]