To integrate Proactive or IVR Deflection to App messaging, brands must follow these configurations steps when implementing the SDK (minimum version iOS SDK 6.2):

  • Make sure the brand app already has push notification set up in order to enable their consumers to receive notifications. You can find detailed instructions on how to set up LivePerson's push notification service here.


Currently the proactive messages only work for notifications that are received when the application state is not active and the notifications are tapped.

Send Push Notification in logout state (new Logout API):

Consumers can now receive push notifications even in logged out state. SDK has introduced new enum configurations to let brands decide If they want consumers to receive notifications when logged out. Brands can choose either of the following configurations to unregister user from pusher:

func logout(unregisterType: LPPusherUnregisterType, 
                       completion: @escaping ()->(), 
                       failure: @escaping (_ errors: [Error])->())


All: unregister for all types of push notification messages

None: do not unregister from the pusher at all

Agent: Unregister only for agent push notification messages. Consumers can still receive outbound push notifications sent from the Proactive or Connect to Messaging (IVR) services.