Customers supply a valid client key and certificate for a TLS connection (one-way SSL). The key and certificate is used in every request to the relevant proxy call. The key is securely stored in LivePerson’s server.

Request Details


HTTPS only.




Method is POST.


Payload differs slightly in iOS and Android:


  • backendService - The originator service that sends the push to the pusher (in most cases will be "ams").

  • conversationId - The associated conversation ID.

  • dialogId - The associated dialog ID.

  • push-service - The ENUM describing the service type (APNS - 1, GCM - 2).

  • originatorId - The originator context for the push (AccountID.AgentNumber).

  • brandId - The account number associated with the push.

  • notificationType - The type of notification (APN or GCM).

  • device-token - The device token used for the push.

  • badge - The number of unread messages to be displayed on the unread messages badge.

  • sequence - The sequence id of the message which triggered the push.

iOS (APNS) only:

  • aps - contains the raw iOS push object.

Android (GCM) only:

  • data - Contains payload and raw message objects.
  • payload - Contains backendService, conversationId, originatorId, brandID, badge and sequence.
  • message - Raw message text.


    "alert":"My Test: 123",

Android JSON:

    "message":"My Test: 456",