This document outlines the configuration and functionality of bots using Medallia as a vendor. This vendor is only available for the Survey Bot type.

In order to use Medallia as a survey source an additional adapter must be configured. Please contact your LivePerson account representative to set this up.

Bot Configuration


Third-Party Bots uses an App Installation for authentication. This app installation will be generated in the initial configuration step for Medallia mentioned above. Ask your LivePerson account representative for the ID and secret of the App Installation needed to authenticate against the LP Medallia Adapter.

The following Medallia information should be provided to LivePerson:

Item Description Example
Client ID ID of the Application Installation with the scope ihub.medallia.bot c11a6ba2-7a75-412b-b71a-03a8786fe407
Client Secret Secret of the Application Installation with the scope ihub.medallia.bot 1ujn2stk7qtudu49r4daahv2qs
Survey App ID ID of the Application Installation that triggers a PCS survey a22a6ba2-7a75-412b-b71a-03a8786fe407
Skills List of skills that have the Survey App ID assigned should be handled by this bot survey_test


Not all messages are currently forwarded by the LP Medallia adapter. The Bot will only send the messages forwarded so far. This does e.g. not include Welcome and Goodbye messages. The bot sends its own static messages on the beginning and end of a conversation for now.