The Interaction Settings dialog is where you can configure some key settings for an interaction.

Access the Interaction Settings dialog

  1. Select the interaction.
  2. In the interaction's upper-right corner, click Settings icon (Settings icon).

Basic settings

Basic settings are those that are common to all interactions.

  • ID: This is useful for debugging.
  • Interaction Name: Change the name to something memorable and useful to reference in the Next Action selector.
  • Interaction Type: Shows the interaction type. Be aware that it is possible to change the type from this drop-down list.
  • Interaction Delay: Set the time delay in milliseconds before sending this message. You can specify a maximum value of 10000 milliseconds (10 seconds). Specifying a botContext variable as the value isn’t supported.

    If you see messages out of order, add a 1000-2000 millisecond (1-2 second) delay. A 2-second delay is recommended to ensure a consistent message order.

    To override this delay, use the setMessageDelay scripting function in the Pre-Process code of the interaction.

  • Enable Interaction: Set this On/Off slider to Off to disable the interaction, i.e., to exclude it from being executed as a part of the dialog flow. The default value is On (Enabled).
  • Message When Response Unrecognized: Applicable to questions only. Enter the text to be sent to the user if none of the defined conditions are met.

Advanced settings

If the interaction type has additional, interaction-specific settings, these are found on an Advanced tab. See the documentation on the given interaction type for details.