The Interaction Settings dialog is where you can configure some key settings for an interaction.

Access the Interaction Settings dialog

  1. Select the interaction.
  2. In the interaction's upper-right corner, click Settings icon (Settings icon).

Basic settings

Basic settings are those that are common to all interactions.

  • ID: This is useful for debugging.
  • Interaction Name: Change the name to something memorable and useful to reference in the Next Action selector.
  • Interaction Type: Shows the interaction type. Be aware that it is possible to change the type from this drop-down list.
  • Interaction Delay: Set the time delay in milliseconds before sending this message. You can specify a maximum value of 10000 milliseconds (10 seconds). Specifying a botContext variable as the value isn’t supported.

    If you see messages out of order, add a 1000-2000 millisecond (1-2 second) delay. A 2-second delay is recommended to ensure a consistent message order.

    To override this delay, use the setMessageDelay scripting function in the Pre-Process code of the interaction.

  • Enable Interaction: Set this On/Off slider to Off to disable the interaction, i.e., to exclude it from being executed as a part of the dialog flow. The default value is On (Enabled).

    If you disable an interaction, review areas of the bot that depend on it (other interactions, dialogs, JavaScript code, etc.), and adjust them accordingly.

  • Message When Response Unrecognized: Applicable to questions. Works as follows:

    • If there’s a Fallback dialog in the bot and none of the conditions in the question’s rules are met, the Fallback dialog begins. This setting is ignored.
    • If there isn’t a Fallback dialog, this field is set, and none of the conditions are met, this message is sent to the consumer.
    • If there isn’t a Fallback dialog, this field is unset, and none of the conditions are met, the default system response is sent.

Advanced settings

If the interaction type has additional, interaction-specific settings, these are found on an Advanced tab. See the documentation on the given interaction type for details.