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Consumers often request an action or information from a brand. These consumer requests can be grouped under named categories that we call “intents.” Examples of common intents include:

  • Check order status - “What is the status of my lawn mower order?”
  • Make a payment - “Can I make a payment today for the total amount?”
  • Reset password - “I forgot my password and I need to reset it.”

Intent Manager is a suite of tools for intent modeling and management. You can use it to:

  • Discover intents that can or should be automated
  • Build an intent taxonomy
  • Optimize how well they are being fulfilled
  • Analyze the most popular consumer intents

For an in-depth introduction to Intent Manager, its use cases, and a discussion on the power of an intent-driven contact center, see here in our Knowledge Center.

Access permissions

In order for a user to access Intent Manager, they must be assigned a profile that has at least one of the following permissions:

  • Conversation Builder: Administrator OR
  • Conversation Builder: Content User OR
  • Conversation Builder: Business User OR
  • Conversation Builder: Bot Builder

For more on permissions, see here.

Access Intent Manager

  1. On the left sidebar in Conversational Cloud, click the icon.
  2. In the Conversational AI dashboard, click Intent Manager.

Enable intent discovery, optimization & analysis

Intent Manager’s Intent Discovery, Optimization, and Analysis features are disabled by default for all Intent Manager customers. To enable these features, contact your LivePerson account team.

Getting started

If you're just beginning with Intent Manager, we recommend the Getting Started tutorial series here.