This API gets all certificates from a specific account by account ID.


Method URL
GET https://[{domain}]/mtls/account/{accountId}/certificates

Request Headers

Header Description
Authorization Contains token string to allow request authentication and authorization. Supports OAuth 2 Only.

Path Parameters

Parameter Description Type/Value
accountId LP site ID String


Response Codes

Code Description
200 OK
401 Not Authenticated
403 Not Authorized
500 Internal Server Error

Response Body

for example:

      "id": 3515906310,
      "deleted": false,
      "name": "Cert1",
      "displayName": "Cert1",
      "siteId": "le1606809",
      "status": "UnAvailable",
      "expirationDate": null

Entity Structure:

Attribute Description Type/Value Required Notes
id A certificate's unique object ID in the account config table. long number Read only  
deleted Indicates whether the certificate is deleted or not. Boolean Read only  
name A certificate's unique name. unique string Required  
displayName A certificate's display name. string Required  
siteId The account ID the certificate is associated with. string Required  
status Indicates if the certificate is available/not available/expired string Required (the certificate is available if it exists at both HashiCorp Vault and LivePerson's Data Base and if isn't expired)
expirationDate certificate's expiration date. string Not Required