What is Conversation Context Service

The Conversation Context Service is a centralized repository of brand, customer, conversational, session, and custom attributes that can be used to build customized conversation solutions.

Conversation Orchestrator provides three types of Context Attributes:

  1. Inbox System Attributes (e.g. conversation history)
  2. Custom attributes with static data or external system integrations with Functions
  3. Conversation Context Service with APIs to store and retrieve session context and carry them over the conversational journeys

Use Cases

Conversation Context Service attributes can be used in several ways:

  1. Save conversation session state info in Conversational Cloud (e.g. agent notes), and retrieve them later in a different conversation session.
  2. Save contextual attributes in concierge bot (e.g.) intents and carry over context to another bot or human skill.
  3. Use intents and entities from a bot, and use them in conjunction with system inbox attributes, or custom static or FaaS to create complex routing policies. Please see Dynamic Routing to learn more about how to create such policies.