Please note that this SDK relates to LivePersons legacy chat product which receives limited support and will be deprecated in the future.

It is recommended to build future integrations on top of the corresponding messaging SDK instead.

This is published when there is a change in the chat information.

Object Properties

Name Type Description Notes
typing The visitor tying state. Boolean    
visitorName The visitor name. string  
agentName The agent name. string  
rtSessionId The chat session identifier. string  
intialised Chat initialization state. Boolean Depends on the onInit event having been triggered.
agentTyping The agent typing state. Boolean  
chatInProgress If a chat is currently in progress. Boolean  
visitorId The visitor identifier. string This should be passed in from monitoring on the chat request and also between chats if you re-start a new chat.
agentId The agent identifier for this site. string  
chatSessionKey The chat session key. string  
lastUpdate The last time the chat was updated. date The onInfo state event will not be triggered if this is the only change since the last onInfo event.
state The current chat state. string This is the same information that returns on chat request response for information on the info fields.

Sample Response

    "typing": false,
    "visitorName": "you",
    "agentName": "agent0",
    "rtSessionId": 123123123,
    "initialised": true,
    "agentTyping": false,
    "chatInProgress": true,
    "visitorId": 123123123213,
    "agentId": 3,
    "timeout": "",
    "chatSessionKey": "H123123123123123-123123123123123123132123",
    "chatState": "chatting",
    "lastUpdate": "2013-05-23T20:00:11.513-04:00",
    "state": "chatting"