Triggered in response to requestChat.


  • See onInfo and onLine to understand the data in this method.
  • It is a best practice to listen to specific events that are a breakdown of this one: onState, onInfo, onLine and onStart will provide the same information to deal with in more granular detail.

Sample Response

    "events": {
        "event": [
                "time": "2013-05-23T20:00:05.182-04:00",
                "@type": "state",
                "state": "waiting",
                "@id": "0"
                "text": "Please wait for a site operator to respond.",
                "time": "2013-05-23T20:00:05.183-04:00",
                "source": "system",
                "subType": "REGULAR",
                "@type": "line",
                "by": "info",
                "textType": "plain",
                "@id": "1",
                "systemMessageId": 4
    "info": {
        "visitorTyping": "not-typing",
        "visitorName": "you",
        "skillName": "testSkill",
        "lastUpdate": "2013-05-23T20:00:05.356-04:00",
        "state": "waiting",
        "startTime": "2013-05-23T20:00:05.183-04:00",
        "duration": 0,
        "visitorId": 12345678910,
        "agentTyping": "not-typing",
        "chatSessionKey": "H123345578-123456789096534324243",
        "rtSessionId": 12345678910,
        "chatTimeout": 40