This method can be used to create corresponding mapping to a certificate after the certificate creation.

This API creates mapping in AC common. To be configured url can be tested prior to the creation of mapping to make sure that flow works at runtime.


Method URL
POST https://[{domain}]/mtls/account/[{accountId}]/certificates/activate/[{certificateId}]

Request Headers

Header Description
Authorization Contains token string to allow request authentication and authorization. Supports OAuth 2 Only.

Request Body

This end-point receives information in Json format. The below is an example of the body in this format.

 "serviceName": "IDP",
 "url": ""

Path Parameters

Parameter Description Type/Value
accountId LP site ID String
certificateId Certificate ID String
isValidateUrlEnabled true/false Boolean

Note: If isValidateUrlEnabled is set to true, to be configured url will be first tested by doing actual client call by passing newly created certificate in the request.

If passed, only then mapping will be created.

If isValidateUrlEnabled is set to false, then testing will be skipped and only mapping will be created.


Response Codes

Code Description
201 Created
401 Not Authenticated
403 Not Authorized
500 Internal Server Error
424 Client server throws Exception

mTLS detects if the request is failed at client server side then it will wrap the response in 424 with url and error message in the header. In case of 424 response, response header will be populated with LP-message-from-transport and LP-error-from-transport.

Response Body

for example:

 "id": 4569253110,
 "deleted": false,
 "url": "",
 "enable": true,
 "serviceId": "3",
 "siteId": "le1882640",
 "name": "mtlsAutoCertTest5-55a01c9c-22ec-43be-8132-d486e3c2f37c",
 "certificationId": "4569243410"

Entity Structure:

Attribute Description Type/Value Required Notes
id A mappings's unique object ID in the account config table. long number    
deleted Indicates whether the mapping is deleted or not. Boolean    
name A mapping's unique name. unique string    
url Client url. string    
enable Mapping is enabled. Boolean    
siteId The account ID the mapping is associated with. string    
serviceId Service name with which url is mapped to. string    
certificationId Certificate's Id which will be used for this url. string