You can add custom code to an interaction. The code can be executed before the interaction runs, after the user has responded to the interaction, or after the interaction runs.


Your custom JavaScript code should be compatible with ES5, i.e., ECMAScript 5 (2009). There is an exception: The toLocaleString method isn't supported.

Also, your custom JavaScript code must complete within 5 seconds. Otherwise, it times out, and the execution flow continues on as per the order of operations.

Custom code indicator

An interaction that contains custom code displays a green dot:

The green dot that indicates the presence of custom code in the interaction

Check for this to understand at a glance whether there's code in the Pre-Process Code, Process User Response code, or Post-Process Code in the interaction.

You'll also see this green dot next to the name of any code tab that contains custom code:

The green dot that indicates the presence of custom code in the code panel

Access the Custom Code panel

  1. Select the interaction.
  2. In the interaction's upper-right corner, click Custom Code icon (Custom Code icon).

    This displays the Custom Code panel.

    The Process User Response panel for entering custom code

There are three tabs for adding code:

  • Pre-Process Code
  • Post-Process Code
  • Process User Response

Use the desired tab to add the code. You can use the built-in scripting functions to access variables and manipulate data.

For info on the order of operations (i.e., which code is run when), see this section.