Method URL
POST https://{domain}/api/account/{account}/monitoring/visitors/{visitor}/visits/current/events


Note: This API supports OAuth 1.0 and all URLs must be SSL enabled (https).


Parameter Description
Authorization Contains token string to allow request authorization
Content-Type Set to "application/json" (encoded in UTF-8)
x-http-method-override Set to "PUT"

Path Parameters

Name Mandatory Description Type/Value
account Yes LivePerson account ID string
visitor Yes LivePerson visitor ID string

Note: The above parameters are passed by LivePerson to a page owned and hosted by the brand.

Query Parameters

Name Mandatory Description Type/Value
v Yes API version string
sid Yes LivePerson session ID string

Note: "sid" parameter is passed to by LivePerson to a page owned and hosted by the brand.

BODY/POST Parameters

Parameter Description
Engagement Attributes Array Array of Engagement Attribute. For more information about the available Engagement Attributes, refer to Engagement Attributes Overview document.

Request URL Example

Request BODY Example

           "type": "lead", //MANDATORY
               "lead": {
               "topic": "inquiry about upgrade and iPhone 6s pricing", //TOPIC OR NAME OF A SUBMITTED LEAD
               "value": 200, //EVALUATED VALUE OF THE LEAD
               "leadId": "xyz123" //LEAD IDENTIFIER OR TICKET ID
           "type": "service", //MANDATORY
           "service": {
              "topic": "add authorized user to the account ", // SERVICE ACTIVITY TOPIC OR NAME
              "status": 0, // STATUS ENUM
              // 0-Complete, 1-In Progress, 2-Approved, 3-cancelled, 4-Not Approved,
              // 5-Reviewed, 6-Missing Details, 7-Closed, 8-Removed, 9-Assigned,
              // 10-Waiting for Customer Response, 11-Waiting for Response, 12-Pending, 13-Resolved
              "category": "account maintenance", // SERVICE CATEGORY NAME
              "serviceId": "service12" // SERVICE UNIQUE IDENTIFIER OR TICKET ID


Response Example

 http status 200 ok and empty json

Response Codes

Code Description
200 OK; Operation performed successfully
400 Bad Request; Problem with body or query parameters
401 Unauthorized (no permissions)
404 Not Found
422 Invalid Account ID
500 Internal Server Error