Creates new Predefined Content for an account.


Method Request
POST /api/account/{accountId}/configuration/engagement-window/canned-responses

Path Parameters

Parameter Description Type Notes
accountId LP site ID string Validation fail error code: 400

Query Parameters

Name Description Type Required Notes
v API version Double Required Default value: 2.0 Validation fail error code: 400
select Dynamic selection of the response fields. YOGA 'gdata' dialect. Optional Validation error: 400 Non-existing field: no error, blank in response Supported fields: any in response body
fields List of required fields Comma delimited list of strings Optional Validation fail error code: 400. Non existing field error code: 400. Supported fields:
• enabled
• data
• categoriesIds
• hot-key
• type
field_set Predefined set of fields Comma delimited list of strings Optional Default: summary.Validation fail error code: 400. Non existing field error code: 400 Supported field_set values:
• all(id, deleted, enabled, data, categoriesIds, type, hot-key)
• summary(id, deleted, enabled, categoriesIds, type, hot-key)
lang List of requested content languages Comma delimited list of language IDs (en-US, …) Optional Default: all languages

Request Headers

Header Description
Authorization Contains token string to allow request authentication and authorization.

Request Body

The request body is able to accept a single JSON object, as shown below, or a JSON array of such objects. See Appendix for the object format.


Response Codes

Code Description
200 OK
401 Not Authenticated
403 Not Authorized
500 Internal Server Error

Response Headers

Header Description Notes
ac-revision This parameter specifies the version of the data object retrieved. You can use the If-Match parameter in the request to retrieve a specifc version using this parameter's value..  
location URI Location of the newly created resource. Included only when the request creates a single object.

Response Body

Newly created Predefined Content JSON.