This section contains API details that are common to every API’s resource, method and action.

Request Headers

Header Description Notes
Authorization Contains token string to allow request authentication and authorization.  
If-Match This parameter allows you to specify a version of the data object to retrieve. If this parameter is not specified, the latest version of the data object is retrieved.. Allows optimization of backend, networking and client resource utilization.

Response Headers

Header Description Notes
ac-revision This parameter specifies the version of the data object retrieved. You can use the If-Match parameter in the request to retrieve a specific version using this parameter's value..  

Query Parameters

Name Description Type Required Notes
v API version Double Required  
select Dynamic selection of the response fields. YOGA 'gdata' dialect. Optional Validation error: 400 Non-existing field: no error, blank in response. Supported fields: any in response body

Path Parameters

Parameter Description Type Notes
accountId LP site ID string  

Entity Structure

Attribute Description Type/Value Notes
name Agent survey’s unique name String  
description Survey's description String  
root The first question in the survey String  
isDefault is this the default survey boolean  
defaultTimeoutInMinutes default timeout of the survey long Timeout defined on skill level, overrides this default timeout
deleted Whether the item is deleted or not boolean  
enabled Whether the item is enabled or not boolean  
questions Array of Agent survey questions Array or questions  

Entity Example

    "name": "survey_name",
    "description": "survey description",
    "root": 11,
    "isDefault": true,
    "defaultTimeoutInMinutes": 123,
    "deleted": false,
    "enabled": true,
    "questions": [
      "id": 11,
      "orderId": 1,
      "text": "questionText",
      "required": true,
      "category": "date",
      "questionDefinition": "regular_question",
      "next": 12
      "id": 12,
      "orderId": 2,
      "text": "questionText",
      "required": true,
      "category": "dropdown",
      "questionDefinition": "regular_question",
      "replies": [
          "id": 13,
          "text": "questionText"

Question definition

Attribute Description Type/Value Notes
id Question unique ID Long  
orderId Ordered number, represents the location of the question in the survey    
text Question's text String  
next ID of the next question in the survey Long should be null in case the question contains replies
nextInOrder True if the next question is in order Boolean For example, question with orderId 2 followed by question with orderId 3
required Is the question is mandatory boolean  
category Question's category. Possible values: free_text, radio_button, checkbox, dropdown, number, date enum  
questionDefinition Question's definition. Possible values: regular_question, conversation_topic, conversation_outcome, engagement_attributes enum  
maxCharacters Characters limit to an answer Integer  
engagementAttribute Engagement attributes (SDEs) the agent can submit on behalf of the consumer Object — EngagementAttribute Submitting an engagement attribute question will trigger PurchaseEvent/LeadEvent/ServiceActivity event — based on the engagement attribute's type.
replies Array of replies associated with this question Array or replies  

Reply definition

Attribute Description Type/Value Notes
id Answer unique ID Long  
text Answer's text String  
next ID of the next question in the survey that the agent will be redirected to when he choose this answer Long  
nextInOrder True if the next question this answer redirects to, is in order Boolean