This method checks if a mapping configuration exists for a specific triplet of parameters: serviceName, accountId and url. If it exists, am mTLS request can be used with the relevant certificate.

The aim of this method is to minimize sending TLS only requests through the service, since the mTLS service is throttle protected. This API allows the consuming service to know if mTLS is configured for the specified parameters.

The api is account specific only.


Method URL
POST https://[{domain}]/api/account/[{accountId}]/checks/serviceUrlMappings

Path Parameters

Parameter Description Type/Value
accountId LP site ID String

Request Headers

Header Description
Authorization Contains token string to allow request authentication and authorization. Supports App key (OAuth1).

Request Body

Contains list of objects:


Note: You must enter a complete URL, including any URL parameters if they exist. For mapping purposes, the entire URL will be checked.


Response Codes

Code Description
200 OK
401 Not Authenticated
403 Not Authorized
500 Internal Server Error

Response Body

        "serviceName": "IDP",
        "url": "",
        "exist": true
        "serviceName": "TEST_SERVICE",
        "url": "",
        "exist": false

Entity Structure:

Result Json object which contains:

Attribute Description Type/Value Required Notes
serviceName Contains the service name which has a corresponding certificate in HashiCorp Vault. string    
exist Result of triplet (url, accountId, service name) exists in mTLS configuration or not. boolean    
url Contains the URL which has a corresponding certificate in HashiCorp Vault. string