The lpTag handles the communication of many events that occur on the vistor's webpage.

These tag events provide transparency into the lifecycle flows of engagements, embeddeded chat windows, and more.

You can find a list of events published on a web page by the Web Tag, each organized under an appName and given an eventName, in the Events document.

This document explains how to bind to events to help customize on-page behavior.


To listen for and bind to an event, you can use the method.

There are two ways to use this method.

  • Call it with the appName, eventName and your callback function., eventName, callbackFunction);
  • Call it with an object configuration.{
          eventName: "EVENTNAME",
          appName: "APPNAME",
          func: callbackFunction,
          context: callbackFunctionExecutionContext,
          async: true, //default is false,
          triggerOnce: true //default is false


Name Description Type Required Default Value
eventName The name of the event. string Yes  
appName The name of the app triggering the event. string No "*"
func The callback function when the event is triggered. Function Yes  
context The object which is the execution context of the function. Useful if you rely on context ("this") in your code. Object No null
async When set to yes, the callback will be triggered when there is free CPU time. This option is recommended when there is heavy procession to run, in order to avoid freezing the UI. Boolean No false
triggerOnce When set to yes, your callback will unbind after it is called once. Boolean No false


The callback function that you define will be passed event data and event information as two separate objects.

The event information object will look like the below:

  "eventName": "MYEVENT",
  "appName": "TRIGGERINGAPP"

The event data object will vary depending on the event that you are binding to.


function processThis(data, eventInfo){
    if(window.console && window.JSON){
        console.log(JSON.stringify(data) + " triggered by: " +  JSON.stringify(eventInfo));

// Use the above "processThis" callback to print event data and info to the console"lp_sdes", "VAR_ADDED", processThis);