This chapter will highlight all potential error codes and HTTP responses that our RESTful APIs can return. This is especially relevant for the external invocation.

Error Codes

Error Description This is a general error with no specific/known reason Could not reach/access remote system Payload was in the wrong format or value was missing Function that was invoked is not deployed Function that was invoked does not exist
com.liveperson.faas.handler.custom-failure Function called the callback with an Error like callback(new Error('whoops'), null)
com.liveperson.faas.handler.runtime-exception Function crashed because of implementation error such as accessing a property on undefined.
com.liveperson.faas.handler.executiontime-exceeded Function exceeds execution time. It can have multiple origins: forgetting to call the callback, external calls, or blocking code
com.liveperson.faas.handler.log-limit-reached Function exceeds log limits. See here This is a general error with no specific/known reason Could not reach/access remote system

HTTP Response Codes

Code name Description
200,202 Success Request was successfully accepted/processed
400 Bad Request The request is either not correct or malformed
401,403 Unauthorized Missing authentication or missing privileges
404 Not Found Service did not find the requested resource. For a function, this can also mean it was not deployed
405 Method Not Allowed The request was using the wrong HTTP method
408 Request Timeout Server did not receive the complete request by the client within the read limit
429 Ratelimit The client exceeded the rate-limit, which is based on a per-account level
500,502,504 Internal Server Error Unexpected Server Error, which can be temporary
901 Error during lambda execution Function Execution failed due to an issue with the function's code. This can include runtime exception, exceeding processing window and returning of an error by the lambda