Below is a feature comparison between Messaging Agent SDK (aka Node Agent SDK, NASDK) and Messaging Platform SDK (aka MPSDK).

Note: Messaging Platform SDK is backward compatible and supports all the features of Node Agent SDK. Existing applications that use NASDK can replace those integrations with MPSDK to gain the benefits listed below.

Connectivity Node Agent SDK Messaging Platform SDK
Websocket support Supported Supported
RestAPI support X Supported
Webhooks support X Supported
Web Browser support X Supported
Agent/Bot Connections Supported Supported
Consumer Connection X Supported
Consumer Auth Flow (including stepup) X Supported
Token Refresh Supported Supported
Token Regeneration Supported Supported
Auto Reconnect X Supported
Exponential Backoff in Reconnect X Supported
Connection Error Handling X Supported
Offline mode (Request Queuing) X Supported
Stand Alone AgentVEP TokenMaintainer X Supported
Support for Multiple Connections Supported Supported
Proxy support X Supported
Subscriptions and Conversations Node Agent SDK Messaging Platform SDK
Create custom subscriptions Supported Supported
Automatic creation of default conversation subscription X Supported
Subscription Maintenance X Supported
Out of Order Notification Detection X Supported
Event for new conversation X Supported
Automatic creation of message subscriptions X Supported
Event for new message Supported Supported
Secondary Dialog Support (of all types) Supported Supported
Notification Interpretation X Supported
Objects representing conversations, dialogs, and messages X Supported
Conversation participant events (detection of transfer to agent/skill, back to queue, agent added, etc) X Supported
Conversation shift-status events from automatic shift-status polling X Supported
Request Types Node Agent SDK Messaging Platform SDK
Agent Private Message Manual Supported
subscribeRoutingTasks Manual Supported
Transfer conversation to skill/agent Manual Supported
Back to Queue Manual Supported
Consumer request conversation X Supported
Agent Resume conversation Manual Supported
Close conversations Manual Supported
Agent Status (Online, Away etc) Manual Supported
Join conversation for Manager Manual Supported
Message level metadata X Supported
Quick replies Manual Supported
Notes for conversation Manual Supported
Update time to respond for conversation Manual Supported
Consumer to agent file/photo sharing X Supported
Agent to consumer file/photo sharing X Supported
  • Manual means it is technically supported but the application must do all of the work to construct the request. NASDK will send ANY request given to it, even those that are malformed. MPSDK supports the exact same style of manual request sending, but its not recommended. Instead, the user interacts with a friendly interface that constructs and sends the requests for them.