Type: ILPClient

Please be aware that LpClient is a wrapper of the HTTP client. LpClient handles the CSDS lookup for LP services. Actual HTTP client documentation can be visited here

The LpCLient must be declared in the global scope (before your function is called). It will ensure the internal key cache mechanism works and make invocations faster, further information in our best practices.

ILpClient: (service: LpServices | string, path: string, options: ILpClientOptions) => Promise<any>



Name Type
service LpServices | string
path string
options ILpClientOptions



Enumeration: LpServices

Enumeration members:

LP Service   Documentation
ACCOUNT_CONFIG_READ_ONLY "accountConfigReadOnly" link
ACCOUNT_CONFIG_READ_WRITE "accountConfigReadOnly" link
AGENT_VEP "agentVep" link
ASYNC_MESSAGING "asyncMessaging" -
ASYNC_MESSAGING_EN "asyncMessagingEnt" -
AUDITLOG "auditlog" link
ENG_HIST_DOMAIN "engHistDomain" -
LE_DATA_REPORTING "leDataReporting" link
MSDKGW "msdkgw" link
MSG_EWT_API "msgEwtAPI" link
MSG_HIST "msgHist" link
PUSHER "pusher" -
RTBF "rtbf" -
SMT "smt" -